Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decorating for Fall

Fall is that special time of the year that we all look forward to. The days are becoming shorter and cooler – right now I could use a little cooler, how about you? I just love the color that appears like magic with the Fall season. The pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and beautiful leaves that are changing right before our eyes!!!

Use these wonderful colors to welcome friends and family into your home by expressing your own individual style. Set the tone with a room filled with the soft glow of candlelight and warm fall accessories. Invite an atmosphere filled with love, laughter and cherished memories!!!

The newest colors for Fall are Boysenberry and Tarragon. Now for those of you who may be wondering…..Purple and green!!! Did you know that every room should have a touch of purple? Freshen up and lighten up with some great new colors in your home for the fall. Don’t be afraid to use color. You could paint just one accent wall to add that color, or if you are a little more timid then try introducing a color through your accessories. Add a throw, a few pillows and maybe even change up the curtains or drapes to add that splash of color. Color can make a huge difference in a room. With Fall and the great hues that come naturally this time of year – it is a good time to take the plunge and try some colors that you don’t usually use. You may be surprised at the outcome. One hint I recently read was to use just one color palette for your main living area and then try to pull colors from that into the other rooms in your home with flowers, throws or even a clock.

Something else that brings fall into our decorating is layers. Using layers on the floors, adding a rug even one on top of your carpet. Adding extra touches to your window treatments, with muslin, or other fabrics that can be twisted around your curtains and tassels can make a room more interesting. Table runners, placemats, & quilts can turn your table into a great showcase. Add your favorite things from Mother Nature and you have an awesome tabletop. Pumpkins, leaves gourds and candles can be highlighted on the mantle as well as the table using the same items and it really pulls the two rooms together.

Now don’t forget to change up the doorway. This is probably the most fun this time of year, as you can add those pumpkins and mums and instantly feel like you have come into a new season!!! Make the wreath on your door this year with pinecones and other things. Take the family on a hike through the woods, gather some wild grapevine and let everyone make their own wreath. Now add some embellishments from Motor Nature and what a fun way to welcome guests to your home!!!

Three of anything makes a collection

The above statement, probably means that we are all collectors of one sort or the other. Now, when it comes to decorating – how can we use our “collections”? Three of anything creates a look that is clean, simple and uncluttered. These collections are easy to work with, as three tends to be the magic number when displaying objects on the wall, shelf or mantle. So if you take a look around your home and see if you can come up with items that are similar in color or are the same object, ( such as clocks, watering cans, or tea pots, etc.) you will
be well on your way to creating a fun spot that will show off your personality.

I recently came across a fun book in the library that had some wonderful ideas for decorating using your collections. Here are some of the ideas and guidelines that I gleaned from this article.
1. If you have a larger collection – grouping them in a smaller space can often create more of visual impact.
2. Items do not need to be the same but can be of similar color to create a grouping.
3. Collections do more than bring visual interest to a home but they also bring the owners personality to light.
4. Quality is nice, but sometimes quantity makes more of a statement.
5. If you are a zealous collector, you might want to think about switching them out from time to time, as it could be a bit overwhelming to display them all at one time.
6. Staggering the height of objects is a good way to create more drama and for the collection to be more visually appealing.
7. When properly displayed, ordinary objects can make a huge impact and be very pleasing to the eye.
8. Grid patterns and symmetrical arrangements are perfect for keeping sizeable collections under control.
9. Even the tiniest handful of pretty things when properly displayed can enhance a room.
10. People are so use to thinking about what is inside a frame that they forget about the frame itself. Often a grouping of empty frames can make a huge statement. Or inter-mingle empty frames with those holding artwork.
11. Displaying objects in a setting other than what it was made for can make people take a second look.
12. The choice of the container visually enhances the display.
13. Humor can be a vital part of personalizing a room.
14. Bookshelves are one of the best places to display collections.
15. Small objects can get lost in large settings. Choose a special display space to highlight and protect them.
16. Let your collection inspire you for the color choice in a room.

I hope you enjoyed just a few of the many ideas I found within the pages of this book, put out years ago by Country Living. When you are getting ready to re-do a room, remember you may have inspiration for that room lurking in a box set way up on a shelf in your closet. This summer, as you are changing things up a bit in your home – go searching for that special collection and see what fun things you can do to create that warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

For more ideas and and thoughts on decorating with your special “Collections”, visit your favorite shops within the pages of the Country Register. Also, go surfing on the internet and find me at www.athome.com/patdempsey or email me at pat@homeconnectionusa.com.

Farmhouse Style

Want a Fresh new Look this year? Then the Farmhouse Style might be just for you. I recently heard that the Farmhouse Style is the hottest trend in decorating right now. As I began to check out just what Farmhouse Style was – I was a little taken back. It looks like good ole Country decorating at its best. Here is what I learned about Farmhouse Style.

Farmhouse Style is a little cleaner looking than the typical Country Style of decorating. It is an easy way of decorating and you may find it even costs less than some of the other styles of decorating. With Farmhouse Style decorating you will be able to accomplish a warm and cozy atmosphere where your family and friends will feel welcome!!!

Some tips for decorating in this Style
• Lots of wood – floors, furniture and even walls with beadboard or wainscoating.
• Vibrant and bold colors.
• Textiles in the form of rugs, throws, window treatments, table cloths & pillows in the form of natural fabrics and a lot of cotton.
• It is all about accessories, accessories and more accessories.
• Metal is big.
• Wall art using rural scenes.
• Rooms decorated with a nature theme – birds, fruits, twigs, etc.
• It’s all about functionality and organization. Baskets, crates, totes, etc.

This style of decorating is very relaxing and laid back. It has a strong inviting appeal. There are no hard and fast rules. It can also vary according to your own area of the country. Even city folks are adding this to their top 10 list of decorating styles. It can be used in a loft or row house in the city or even in a log cabin in the country. I personally think that I have heard so many people say “I don’t decorate country”. Stamping this style of decorating with a “NEW name, may be a way of allowing these folks to see it in a new light by not calling it Country but “Farmhouse Style”. It does sound a little more updated. The thing I think that differs between this style and true Country is that there is not as much clutter – it is much more crisp and clean looking. Accessories are important, but just not as many. Pick the ones that really make a statement!