Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming

Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!
Does that sound like I am trying to convince myself that Spring IS coming? With the winter we have just had, I think you might be right. The Seasons do come and go and Spring is one we will all be ready for this year!
What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you mention this season? If you are a woman and reading this, it is probably "Spring Cleaning". Yes, after a long hard winter, we can't wait to get to that task, which often seems so daunting. Winter has passed and now it is time to be energized and refreshed as Spring arrives. Actually shinning up the windows and mirrors and letting the sun shine in is often the best thing we can do in relation to the decorating process for Spring.
As Spring arrives just about everyone is so-o-o-o ready for that sunshine, flowers, and those wonderful soft colors that herald Spring. So keep that in mind as you think of ways you can change up your home for the Spring.
Here are a few things that may inspire you to get ready for Spring.
1. Flower, think Spring with Flowers, Flowers everywhere. From pillows, prints, curtains, lamp shades, throws, & rugs – you can add a pop of Spring to any room in your house.
2. Try bringing in some color by painting an accent wall. It will lighten up and brighten up your space.
3. Bring the outdoors in. How about a piece of white lattice work hung on a wall as the focal point. Maybe even add a potted houseplant below to really draw the outdoor look inside.
4. Curtains, why not take them down for the season. Maybe use a swag or topper for a different look. By removing the curtains a lot of light will come in and make your room brighter.
5. Use a stencil or vinyl cling around a doorway or window for a different look. These can be easily changed or painted over with the seasons. You might even want to add one to a mirror.
6. Don't forget about your entryway or porch. This will be the first area that both you and your guests will see as the come for a visit. So get rid of those snow shovels and ice melt. Replace them with potted plants, how about a small step stool for a planter stand at the front door? You could paint it a fun whimsical color.
7. Hang or display a decorative flag.
Do I have your creative juices running? Great, you will find many more wonderful ideas at your favorite shop in the Country Register. Walk through their store and use one of their great creative display ideas. Most can be translated into your own home d├ęcor.
As the dreary, snow days of winter leave us, decorating for Spring is a great way to welcome in new season.