Friday, July 10, 2009

Decorating with Shelves

Have you ever thought of using your book shelves for more than just books? These very functional pieces can be a great resource for a wonderful decorating scheme for any room. Think “outside the shelf”, so to speak, Or should I say “Outside of the Book”. We all have some built-ins, bookcases, shelves or even decorative wall ledges, in our homes and there are as many ways to accessorize shelves as there are things to accessorize them with.

There are so many different types of shelves, they correspond with just as many items that you can focus on while decorating with those shelves. Maybe it is your favorite collection that can be highlighted on a mantle shelf – one that looks like crown molding. Or maybe you have some old quilts that have been handed down in your family. A really fun way of displaying them is to fold them neatly and lay them on the shelves of the book case. Taking another shelf and highlighting a family member who made them, would add a fun touch to your display.

What about something you are passionate about? Shelves are a great place to highlight that passion. Maybe you have painted a great landscape or taken a wonderful photo while on vacation. Instead of just hanging it on the wall, why not highlight it by placing it on a shelf?

Do you enjoy the beach during the summer? Then using a shelf or two to highlight some wonderful shells, starfish, or even a lighthouse or two – is a fun way to capture some of those wonderful summertime moments and have them live on in your home for months to come.

You might want to think about grouping items with like theme, color, shape or texture together. You might also want to think about grouping some photos together on shelves or mantle instead of around the room on the wall. This can make more of a statement than when scattered on the wall.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hooray for the Red. White & Blue!

Yes, I love the 4th the July and I love taking time to bring the Celebration of this great holiday to all aspects of my home. I like to think of it as a fun way to show my patriotism. How about you? What are you doing this weekend to show off your love for the USA!?!

You can get started outside. Maybe you want to plant a few flowers around the yard that bloom with Red, White & Blue blossoms. I love making a planter right by the front door. What a welcoming signal for all your friends. I also have always had a flag poll in the front yard and love flying “Old Glory”, not just this time of year but you will find it flying all year round at our house. Now, if you have a front porch – this would be the next place for some great Red, White & Blue decorations. Most of us have a chair , swing or glider on that porch so I would encourage you to think about how you can add some color there too. Maybe take a quilt or pillow in these great colors and add them here. If you have a small table be sure and put some cut flowers. Something that I have enjoyed in the front of my home over the years and especially at this time of they year, is candles. I love those big old jars that you can get with pickles, etc in the. When they are empty they are perfect for candles. These make great, safe luminaries. Just put some sand in the bottom and then add red, white or blue candles. Now take some rag ribbon and tie it around the top of the jar. I put one on each step going up to my front door. It really adds a festive touch.

The last place out front is my front door. Let’s not forget about that. I have a huge metal star that I like to put on the front door. But I have also been known to use a wreath with touches of Red, White & Blue. Ok, so one last thing that is fun to use in front of the house, are those wonderful buntings and banners. I have often hung one right by the front door, or on the railing of the porch. Are you getting the picture? Everyone will be able to see that your home is Saluting the 4th of July!!!

As you move indoors, there are many ways to keep those wonderful colors going throughout your home. The mantle of the fireplace is great place to show off any memorabilia that you may have. This may also be a perfect spot for an old photo of someone in your family who has served in the Armed Forces of our country. There are even lots of patriotic garlands that you could use here as well. You might want to have a special print that you highlight at this time of year. Maybe you would replace one that is already hanging on your wall with it. Don’t forget to add those wonderful red, white & blue candles throughout the house.

Now another way I like to use that patriotic spirit this time of year, is with my food. What about taking one of your clear vases or glass bowls and layering a beautiful dessert with blueberries, strawberries and pudding? This makes a very special and eye appealing addition to your 4th of July d├ęcor. Pull out all the stops this 4th of July. Invite your family and friends in to enjoy and celebrate our Freedom!!!

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