Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decorate With FALLing Leaves this Fall.

With the temps reaching the 100’s for most of us this summer it is a great time to be thinking ahead to the Fall when temps turn a bit cooler and nature sends us the most wonderful Greeting Card we could ever imagine.

I love using the seasons and what comes with them from Mother Nature as inspiration for decorating my home. Each season brings things that I really Love and so it is hard to pick a favorite season. But, I do believe that Fall is on the top of my list for Favorites!!! As a child growing up in Florida, we didn’t get alot of seasonal change. Even as an adult, one of my most fond memories is raking up leaves and watching my kids jump in them. The delight and excitement of “jumping in the leaves” is so exhilerating. Secretly, as an adult - I even jumped in those leaves!!! So let’s think about how we can use those leaves and that feeling of excitement that comes from jumping in them as inspiration for decorating our homes this fall.

Leaves can be such a great addition to our decorating as we go into the fall. Using leaves in the Welcoming wreaths that grace our front doors, to adding leaves to our favorite table top displays, the ideas that come from leaves just keep coming. You can even add that touch of fall leaves to your walls and windows with the great new vinyl clings that are available. Or if you are a craft lover - then you make them from your Cricut machine.

As you think about decorating your home for this season, keep in mind the beautiful, warm hues that you see during this season. From the golden maples to shimmering sun on the lake surrounded by leaves that are turning, there are so many colors that will make your home feel so cozy and delightful this season. Painting a wall can be so easy, as an accent. Just one wall in a room painted a warm hue of green or gold, can make a huge difference in how your room feels. It is so easy to paint that same wall again when Spring arrives. Don’t be afraid of paint. I use to think of painting a wall as being such a permanent thing. But, I have learned that painting can be such an easy change to make and one that will totally change the look for that room. So go for it! Add a little Fall color to your room, through the walls.

Now, if you are still afraid of painting a wall, then think of other ways to add that color. Drapes, throws, pillows and even rugs can bring that change in color to your room. I like to think of this basic color change as the canvas for what you will do next. And what is next? This is the fun part of decorating. It is bringing in the pumpkins, gourds, wreaths, scare crows and all the fun things that come with this season. Decorate that mantle, the dinning room table top, the front door, or even switch out a print on our walls that has more of the colors of fall. You will soon see your home take on all the ambiance of a beautiful fall day.

Something else that I think screams Fall when it comes to decorating our homes is not just something that appeals to the eye but something that will appeal to your other senses as well. And what might that be? Fragrance! Light some of those wonderful smelling candles that fill the house will cider and spice, apple pie or even Pumpkin. Now if you are really brave, you might enjoy turning on the oven and actually baking your favorite muffins, pies, or cookies to give your home that wonderful Fall feel. I think I will stick to candles and fragrance oils. If you are like me - I tend to gain more weight in the fall, as all these wonderful delights make me want to bake and then I have to taste test what I bake. So good luck with that one….

I recently saw a cute idea I wanted to share with you. It was taking a wrought iron bowl rack that usually stands on the floor to hold your favorite bowls and turning it into a great front porch fall welcome. Instead of placing bowls in the rack - fill it with your favorite pumpkins. Another great way of using this is to fill it with those great corn stalks. Sometimes finding a place for stalks can be challanging. Check out the two photos that show this piece in those two ways. If you are wondering where you can get one, check out my website where you can purchase one or ask in your favorite Country Store that advertises in the Country Register.

So take a leap and Jump in those Fall Leaves as you decorate your home this fall.

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