Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is a New Year in More Ways Than One!!! Yes, as I start out January this is really going to be "NEW" in more ways than one. First, and foremost I am looking forward to "NEW" start. Many events happened over the past year and as always with the turning of the calendar page - a "NEW" year and a "NEW" you has the feeling of excitement, hope, vision, goals, dreams, and something that will prove to be just what has been waiting for you. This past year the company I had worked for, for over 21 years closed its doors very unexpectedly. It left many of us in the field feeling lost and wondering where to turn. I found Direct Sales 21 years ago and have such a passion for what this business plan can bring to the lives of those involved. I could not imagine myself without it. But, I am getting older and not sure which way to turn. I have been working on certification as a Direct Sales Coach through the DSWA over the past year and was excited to be turning over a new leaf as I trained my team. Now, all of a sudden, I have no team, I have no company. Several months have past and I received a call from a sweet lady. She asked if I would be interested in coming in to Chicago and speaking with the CEO of Jewels by Park Lane. I wasn't sure I was interested in Jewelry, but if they were going to fly me in, I felt I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Little did I know that I would leave Chicago that day with a whole new mindset! They had offered my a position as Sr. Division Manager. I would be entering this position which was at the same level as the one left with my former company. They recognized the value in the years of experience I had in the Direct Sales business and wanted me to be a part of their team. I accepted and am now on a new journey. One that has turned my love of decorating homes and spaces into one of decorating people!!!! Won't you join me on this journey, as I use the skills I already know and find out about many that I do not. I can't wait for this FUN and EXCITING, "NEW" opportunity. Jewelry defines your fashion personality. Women are drawn to jewelry; it has a magnetic appeal. Just like all clothing and accessories, one never has enough jewelry. Jewelry has the ability to lift your spirits, to make you look and feel good. Jewelry expresses mood, attitude, and state of mind. Doesn't that sound alot like how you decorate your home? How do you feel today? The jewelry you wear makes a statement. It pulls your look together and transforms your clothing into an "outfit".

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