Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As The World Turns

Yes, the world keeps turning, even at times in our lives when we wish everything in the world would stop while we deal with life....  I bet you have felt like this at times in your life, haven't you?  Well, this is one of those times for me.

Over the past 6 months lots has gone on in my life.  The business I was with for 21 years fell apart and left myself and many others in a state of flux.  It has been hard to move forward.  And there have been times when I began moving in one direction, only to have found out that was not the right direction.  I have had to recalculate and redirect my course.  Not always a fun thing to do.  But, it appears that I am finally on the path to some exciting new things.

First I found a company that valued my past experience in Direct Sales and offered me a position equivalent to that of my last position.  What a breath of fresh air for me.  Although many who have viewed this from afar, don't find it as compelling as I did.  Alot of stigma comes with a Direct Sales company making this kind of offer.  It has not been viewed as unethical by some others.  This makes me sad.  But, in the end, I find it refreshing.  If I were looking for a job in the market place, or even if I was not looking for a job - I could be approached by a head hunter who knew of my expertise.  I could be offered a position with another company and if I took that position, I would not be looked down upon for doing so.  Why is it, that in Direct Sales, that is a no-no?  The Direct Sales company I am with now is called Jewels by Park Lane and I am loving it!!!  Who would have thought I would be decorating people now instead of houses?

Recently I have been approached by another Multi Level Marketing company and my husband and I have signed up with them.  Multi Level Marketing is definately different in some ways from Direct Sales.  Although they both fall under the same umbrella.  This new company is Talk Fusion.  If you have not heard of them yet, believe me, I think you will be hearing about them soon.  Cutting edge technology is being offered in a Multi Level Marketing set-up.  Video is the wave of the future.

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